About us

Clickengine is a team of like-minded people who plan, create and organize a comfortable working environment for webmasters and advertisers step by step!

Today the platform is an international collaborative network and direct Nutra advertiser!

Why is it nutra that has been chosen as the main vertical? Years of successful arbitration have shown that it is nutra that has proved to be one of the most stable and profitable fields. The desire to be healthy, beautiful and slim is an eternal driving force! Moreover, it is nutra that, unlike most product offers, is not dependent on the season.

Almost all Clickengine offers are author’s own developments! Our products have flown to all ends of our vast Motherland, to Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries from the first days of sales!

For comfortable work several departments have been created to help our partners earn money.

The Affiliate department works with our partners (webmasters) on the most important task for us, i.e. on setting up an advertising campaign for high quality traffic. Our specialists, due to their own experience of many years, will make every effort to ensure that every webmaster can achieve his or her full potential;

Our Sales - managers will help you to place your offers on our platform;

The Production develops exclusive offers, landings and other promotion products;

The Technical Support Division 24/7 is ready to assist every user of our platform with any issues that may arise both during the registration process and in subsequent phases of work;

The Call-Centre handles leads 24 hours a day, within the shortest possible time, and provides a high-quality approval;

The Client service will hear the comments and will resolve all problems in working with the platform. It will as well convey your wishes and suggestions to the management!

To sum up, it is safe to say that thanks to our team of professionals, Clickengine is an established chain of business processes that comprises everything from the product production to its delivery to the ultimate buyer!

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