Privacy Policy

ClickEngine CPA ("we", "us", "our") works on domain and on its subdomians ("Service").

ClickEngine Privacy Policy sets the rules of use of the personal information indicated by User when registering for a whole period of cooperation between User and ClickEngine.

Any information received by ClickEngine system from User is considered as personal information. In accordance with present legislation User, by providing the information, gives ClickEngine the right to process, save, use, depersonalize and pass all personal information to the third parties determined by this Policy.

The Policy is considered as valid from the moment when User does one of the following acts:

  • fills the registration form on the website or other website with the same domain name,
  • confirms his consent with this Policy by pressing tick in Registration form,
  • presses on the REGISTER button.

Once User has done one of the abovementioned acts it is considered that User agrees to the present Policy. Also it is considered that User agrees to the terms and conditions of receiving and usage of his personal information.

User’s personal information

ClickEngine receive and process the following private information (further – information):

  • Information which is filled into the forms (for example registration form) on the website (or on any other website where the form is published),
  • Information which is received by ClickEngine system automatically from User’s devices used to enter the Internet (IP-address, cookies, browser information, time of entering, url-addresses of downloaded websites and pages).
  • Other data from User, which was recieved by ClickEngine from the third Parties.

Goals and terms of receiving and usage of the personal information:

The information is saved and processed to make possible fulfilling of the contract between User and ClickEngine. The contract is signed in the form of public offer with a subject – payable advertising services.

Receiving and processing of the personal information is occurred automatically in ClickEngine system.

User agrees that his personal information can be transferred to the third parties in accordance with the goals stated above.

User agrees that ClickEngine system takes into consideration the actual Legislation and this Privacy Policy when saving and processing the personal information.

User agrees to receive information about offers (launches, temporary stoppages, final stoppages, full cancellations), informational messages, advertising messages to his e-mail indicated when registering.

User has the right to refuse from receiving messages any moment.

ClickEngine has the right to change the terms of this Policy. In this case, ClickEngine is obliged to inform User by sending an information message to the user's email address or by publishing a new version of the Policy on the website.

User has the right to send a message containing any proposals or comments on the Policy to ClickEngine’ e-mail:

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