Features of traffic to Argentina


Argentina is the second largest country in South America. The country is the most economically developed in Latin America. The capital is Buenos Aires.

The population is more than 45 million people, of which 22.4 million are men, 23.3 are women. Most people live in Buenos Aires - 15.5 million.

The official language of the country is Spanish.

The currency is the Argentine peso.

Most Argentines are characterized by curiosity, benevolence, cheerfulness, sociability and unhurriedness. They can be overly emotional and touchy.

Argentines lead an evening life: many establishments start working only at 20:00, and parties and meetings even on weekdays last until the morning.

The two biggest passions of the locals are football and Argentine tango. It is customary to watch your figure here.

The interior for Argentines is a real treasure!

The Internet
The largest number of users live in the capital, as well as the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Cordoba.

More than 41% of local residents use computers to access the Internet, and 39% of them constantly conduct financial transactions. More than 50% of Argentines spend time online from their phone.

local social networks like Sonico, Orkut and Fotolog are popular.

Argentines prefer to make purchases in local stores, since orders from foreign platforms are subject to a large tax fee and are limited in amount at the legislative level.

What are we pouring traffic on
Most often they order:

- Skin and hair care products

- Imunomodulators;

- Correctional facilities;

- Dietary supplements

What we reflect in creatives:
- Call the association - show the grapefruit and insert the phrase: "We say goodbye to the extra kilos!";

- Avoid direct "before" and "after";

- Putting pressure on the pain: summer is coming soon, how to restore the beauty of hair ....