TOP techniques for improving the conversion of landing pages


We have collected the TOP techniques that can be used in landing pages to increase interest and conversion.

Gamification is the use of game content on a website in order to increase interest and, consequently, sales. It can be puzzles, rating system, quizzes, etc.;

A potential buyer will be interested in the process itself, which will increase the chance that he will purchase a product or service. Gamification can be implemented on any landing page, but you need to think through the concept and the game itself;

Illustration - photo is more important than text. Everything that can be illustrated should be drawn. Statistics have long proved that buyers read the text diagonally, and if there is a lot of text, they can leave the site altogether;

Parallax-scrolling - if you pour on the inside or a fellow, it will come in.

In the course of scrolling the page, the product image will also scroll. If everything is done correctly, then the effect will be worthwhile;

Simplicity - the simpler the site, the better it will convert. Nothing superfluous, no beautiful descriptions, promises or characteristics. Product, price, photo and buy button;

More CTA - why use one call to action when you can use two? This will give the visitor a false choice and increase the number of leads. When people have a choice, it always plays into your hands. Even if in fact this choice leads to a single link. You can choose one big gift or several small ones;

Heroic style - inclusion of popular super-heroes or heroes of popular movies and TV series in the landing page (Playing Colmar, Batman, etc.);

Focusing attention - we focus on the benefits of the product for the buyer.