Keywords and services for their search


Keywords/keys /keywords/ keywords are an important component in the creation and promotion of content both in search engines and more recently in social networks. If it is much easier to collect keys for the latter, because users usually do not use complex words to search on social networks, then it is much more difficult for search engines to do this, since users like to add unnecessary words to the query itself, for example, to the title of a movie, users add: watch for free, without registration, without advertising, etc..

Consider, for example, a key on the example of a financial niche.

Key credit card - has the number of search queries: without operators — 2 million; with operators "[!]" - 57 thousand.

Let's add the words to the key: "a credit card with a bad credit history online", firstly - this is already a complex key, it has lower competition, but at the same time it has lower requests.

The data from the example above is collected manually using the service - Wordstat from Yandex.- this is the main tool with which keywords are collected both manually and with the help of services that access it. It is not necessary to resort to manual collection of keys, since it will not work to collect even most of them manually.

Why is it not worth advancing by the credit card key, but it is better to advance by the credit card key with a bad credit history online? Such a key is a tasty morsel for everyone. It is worth finding low-frequency, low-competitive keys to quickly break out into the search engine search results.

Below we will look at the services that will help you collect all the keys and create a semantic core. - almost all the best extracts from all programs and services are collected here, such as: keyword analysis, with the issuance of sites on it, frequency, complementary phrases, etc., analysis of a specific site for all its existing queries, and much more;

Magadan is a program for convenient automatic collection, analysis and processing of Yandex keyword impression statistics. The functionality is quite wide. Compilation of the semantic core, preparation of advertising campaigns in the context, marketing analysis, and also the collection of databases for the manufacture of doorways;

KeyCollector - the functionality has become worse today than it was before, but the Keycollector still performs the main task well.