How to scare away all traffic with a creative


Perhaps you think that your creatives are not very? Consider the errors that will definitely scare away all traffic.

Ignore design principles

Make sure that users immediately feel uncomfortable. To do this, use bright colors that do not match with each other. Bright and annoying combinations, such as bright pink, poisonous green or orange and purple, are best suited.

Use bad pictures and animations

Upload all images with low resolution and pixelated quality. Use only photos with a resolution of 0.3 megapixels. It is also worth adding a lot of automatic animations, videos and flash elements. Users will be grateful for the constant freezes and a drop in the performance of their devices!

Forget about readability

Don't worry about the readability of the text. Do not use eye-pleasing fonts: TNR, Aravia, Garamond. It is worth making sure that the text is incomprehensible and difficult to perceive. The font size should be inconsistent, some words or phrases should be large and others small. So users are guaranteed not to be able to concentrate.

Write a lot of useless information

After you have chosen the "best" font in the world and the eye-catching design, it's time to pick up the information. Write your text in scientific terms and jargon. The more difficult - the better! Let users rack their brains trying to understand what you are talking about and how it relates to their needs and problems.

Don't strain yourself with the structure of the text

All your valuable information should not have a structure and logical sequence. Spaces and indents between paragraphs are your main enemy. And in general, forget about navigation, it's better to combine everything into one paragraph to make it harder to read the information.

Get SEO out of your head

Who cares about his creativity being discovered? High ratings are overrated. Ignore keywords, meta tags, and backlinks. Play hide-and-seek with a potential audience. Use only technologies that are inaccessible to search engines, such as Flash or Silverlight. You should be completely invisible to search engines.

Don't lean on calls to action

Conversion and traffic are not what we are here for. It is not necessary to give the user any impressive advantage or benefit if he performs a Call to Action. Tell them something like "Click here if you want to spend all your money." Leave the client at a loss.

Add non-existent links

We suggest breaking the hearts of your users by adding a lot of links that lead nowhere. Clicking on them will always lead to a 404 error page. After all, the more frustration, the better.

Don't pay attention to adaptability

Who needs creatives to display well on mobile devices at all? Skip this step and make sure that the site will be displayed incorrectly on different devices. Let users figure out for themselves how to "drag and scale" pages.

We hope you enjoyed our material. But once again we remind you that this is just entertainment content, and we do not recommend applying the recommendations from it in practice.