How do I unblock my Facebook account?


Facebook blockages continue in 2024 and have even increased in places, but there are still ways to deal with them and reduce the risks of irretrievable account loss. Let's talk about blockages: let's look at the main reasons and ways to get your good account back.

Why FB can block
When blocking an account, you can do with “little blood” — fix the reasons yourself and write to tech support that there are no more violations. In this case, the profile will not be lost. Let's look at similar reasons:

1. The rules of FB advertising are violated - blocking occurs when an arbitrageur accidentally or intentionally used stop words, made too aggressive creatives or landing pages. You can familiarize yourself with the prohibited restrictions by reading the official FB certificate. Often, not the entire account is blocked, but the campaign. It is enough to remove violations and restart the campaign.

2. Prohibited business models - FB prohibits the use of famous people and public figures in creatives, to mislead (the remedy will cure the disease by 100%). As in the previous case, the ban may not apply to the account, but to the campaign. In order to unblock the ad and re-launch it, you need to eliminate violations.

3. Prohibition of advertising activities. This block, like the other two, applies only to advertising, that is, it is not the account itself that is blocked, but the campaign itself. This is most often due to actions that FB has deemed suspicious. Let's say you log in from another IP address or device, the advertising budget is too large. In order to remove the lock, you need to prepare documents — a scan of your passport or driver's license. They can be created using various programs and extensions.

4. Risk Payment - this block occurs when the FB notices errors and suspicious actions related to cards and payment data. To fix it, you need to check that the geo campaigns and maps match, check that the balance is positive. You can try to link another card.

5. Bypass systems. This means that FB has ignited the arbitrageur's cloaca. In this case, the probability of unblocking is almost impossible, since the acc is blocked entirely. In most cases, FB reports the reason why it is impossible to run ads. It is necessary to eliminate violations and inform technical support about what has been eliminated.

Ways to unlock Facebook
Some types of locks can be removed independently without contacting support. These are the cases when automatic algorithms have checked the campaign, found violations and blocked it. Since only the campaign is blocked, not the account, you can do the following:

Remove or change those elements in campaigns that violate the rules.
Send the documents of the account owner (or fictional owner, using dock generators).
Check your payment means and cards, verify the correctness of the data, correct errors.
Restart the campaign, wait 2-3 days. This helps in the case of a frieze.
If the methods above turned out to be useless, then you can contact live technical support, but this should be done only on condition that all violations are fixed.

How to file an appeal correctly
Welcome the FB staff;
Describe the situation;
Provide favorable information about yourself - for example, write that you are an entrepreneur, a representative of a small business that promotes exclusively white legitimate goods and services;
To justify the erroneous blocking - it is worth focusing on the fact that you have not violated any rules;
To suggest alternatives is to indicate that you have found mistakes and have already fixed them. You can also ask to double-check your profile, ask about the reasons for the ban;
Do not forget about the call to action - you should ask support to unblock your account, as well as promise to be especially careful and not repeat mistakes;
Thank you - the positive conclusion of the letter also shows a willingness to engage in constructive dialogue.
Some more recommendations:

The letter should be brief;
Polite. Aggression, swearing and insults are unacceptable;
Proof. you need to attach screenshots confirming that the problem has been fixed;
The “Another” item in the ticket will allow you to write an individual message from yourself, without a template;
Business style - it is worth sticking to the official business style of communication, remove all emotions;
An expression of sincere surprise and misunderstanding - it is worth making a legend, for example, that you are an honest marketer and suddenly you were blocked for nothing.
The correspondence is in English. The English-language support service responds faster.
An important principle is to convince that you are a promising client who is ready to give FB a lot of money for advertising, and that FB will not profitably lose you.

Facebook often blocks accounts — even if the violation or error happened by accident. In most cases, there are chances of removing the ban and reusing the account.