How to get into the arbitration team


The market situation is such that most people in the affiliate field work in teams. There are many reasons for this, but mostly teamwork is chosen because of large budgets and high efficiency due to the distribution of roles. Most solo arbitrageurs simply do not take out competition with tims. Today we will look at how to get into these very teams, or create your own. The structure of the arbitration team and its goals The arbitration team is an alliance of several webmasters with distributed tasks. The structure of most teams looks something like this: Farmers are employees who mine and warm up accounts for the further work of the rest of the team. The advantage of this position is that they take almost everyone – cases and experience are not required; Media buyers are the arbitrageurs who buy ads and deduce the optimal formula for an advertising campaign. To work in this position, you need experience – usually you need a year's experience + cases; The team leader is the leader and guide of the team. In most cases, the founder himself becomes the founder, there are not so many vacancies for this position. The above–mentioned specialists are the foundation of any team, but they can also include: layout designers, content designers, actors and videographers. Sys admins, etc. The benefits of teamwork Exchange of experience between the participants; Clear structure and distribution of roles. It becomes much easier to fill in this way; Increased competitiveness. If one part of the team is sagging, then this gap can always be filled by the experience of another employee; Exclusives from partner programs for teams. PP benefits from working with teams and getting stable traffic, so they motivate them with more favorable terms or rare offers; The overall budget greatly simplifies the purchase of tools. Of the disadvantages, only the dependence of the team on the team leader can be noted. Sometimes he may not understand something and choose the wrong course, or make an inconvenient schedule based only on personal convenience. How to become a part of the arbitration team So how do you get into such teams? Getting into the arbitration team is equal to drawing a lucky ticket. Joining a ready-made team The script is simple: if you have experience and cases, become a media buyer, at least a Junior, if you have no experience and cases, try yourself as a farmer. Freelancers can also try their luck, as very often they are looking for typesetters, writers and designers to staff the team. To increase your chances of joining, you can try the following: Make a portfolio - add cases to it if we are talking about a media buyer vacancy, or examples of work if you are getting a job as a designer / copywriter; Be ready for an interview – come up with a speech, look on the Internet what questions are usually asked to applicants; Do not assign other people's cases – this is probably how you will get into the team, but as soon as the deception is revealed, you will immediately be kicked out of it. Where to look for vacancies in the arbitration team Aggregators like and Avito are often used by arbitrators for recruiting; Telegram channels for arbitration often post different vacancies, and they also have chat rooms: they are looking for specialists even more often, but there is a risk of a scam; PP, team sites, arbitration media – in 90% of cases, you can find the vacancies section on these resources. Your own team from scratch For those who are not looking for easy ways. Creating your own team is much harder than getting into a ready-made one. But if you manage to cope with this task, then you will automatically become a team leader, you will be able to assign roles and set the direction for the team. What is needed for this: Money – for the purchase of consumables, tools, salaries; Employees – find a media buyer and a farmer. There will be enough of them in the first stages; Management – you must have a deep understanding of the traffic arbitrage niche in order to choose profitable GEO and offers. What is the result? It is profitable to fill in with a team. The advantages of this way of working are much more than the disadvantages. If you want to become a part of the Clickengine team, write