From what other sources, except FB, are they successfully pouring on gambling


Gambling is a vertical that has confidently held the palm for the past few years. By draining traffic to gambling offers from Facebook, like most arbitrageurs, you can earn considerable sums. But for this, it is important to create competent bundles and be ready for permanent blocking of advertising cabinets, accounts and domains (when filling through PWA), as well as labels that the social network imposes on webview applications. Let's look at what other sources of traffic for working with gambling may be relevant today.

Sources that still convert
Below is a list of some such sources:

The traffic received from experienced SEO optimizers and web sites is still a priority for gambling advertisers, since the audience attracted by SEO is as targeted as possible and is looking for an online casino itself, making an informed choice in its favor. You can also do sites alone, but without buying so-called drops (old domains that are not used yet, but have a large link profile for a search engine), waiting for the first deposits from the moment the site is launched can take from several weeks to several years.

Working with SEO as a source of gambling traffic, it is important to choose an affiliate program at the start, in which offers are tested by their own buying team before being added to the catalog. Often such PP prefer to work in private mode, but they have much higher rates for offers. In addition, working in closed mode, the partner network can give other advantages.

Advertising networks
This source, as well as the formats that are offered in it, have been trying to "bury" over the past few years. But not only does he not die, but to this day he shows excellent results in working with the gamble. Advertising formats such as banners, pops and push notifications, with the right approach, are able to attract targeted traffic.

In the vertical of gambling, classic push notifications and InPage are more often used, which is immune to browser ad blockers. The RK uses an approach with imitation of a system message or notification from a messenger. Due to the millions of traffic volumes and the low cost per click, the ROI in this class can reach several hundred percent.

Email newsletters
In the CIS countries, it is considered that e-mail newsletters have long ceased to be effective and work exclusively with the bourgeois audience. But in fact, mailing lists work even with domestic Central Asia. In addition, working with a private affiliate program, you can use its current database for mailing lists.

Gambling is best nailed only in Telegram due to the fact that it originally had the ability to create channels. Advertising posts in social networks and other channels inside Telegram are used to attract traffic to the channel.

There are several strategies for converting the audience into online casino players. For example, you can regularly publish interesting news and selections from the world of gambling, while there will be fewer leads, but the conversion and quality are better. As an option, it is possible to go the way of circuit traffic, risking to pour a mislid and misleading users.

Google UAC
The source is not cheap and complex, so it is not suitable for everyone. In addition, it is aimed only at working with mobile applications, and with regular updates of algorithms in Google Play and rampant waves of bans of "gray" locks, this source is more relevant for large and experienced buying teams with large budgets. The test flow of the RK and the training of algorithms in this source can take up to two weeks, and such inefficient budget spending can negatively affect the ROI even if the campaign comes out in a plus over time.

Of course, there are other sources. For example, TikTok, VK, contextual advertising, but, like FB, moderation in them is getting tougher.

Although FB retains a leading position in popularity among users among social networks, there are a huge number of options for choosing a suitable traffic source and launching gambling campaigns. Against the background of an increasing number of problems with the launch of RC via FB, you should not ignore, for example, email newsletters or push. After all, the diversification of sources of attracting leads in arbitration, as in any business, is a necessary component.