How to pass moderation on creatives rejected by Google and increase account lifetime


With Google, there is high-quality traffic, which is gladly accepted by almost all affiliate programs. However, in order to reach the buyer's attention, the creative will have to overcome moderation, which is considered quite strict in Google Ads. It happens that all the requirements are met, but the creative is still rejected. Let's figure out what to do and how to extend the life of the account.

How to pass moderation in Google Ads

Moderation in Google Ads takes place on two levels:

Automatic moderation is carried out within 10-15 minutes whenever a creative is uploaded or edited. Robots scan the ad from and to - starting with the description, the picture and ending with what is on the landing page. At this stage, bugs may occur when robots make mistakes and reject the creative, but more often they reject the ad for real violations.

Manual moderation. Google employees can check the creative manually after a few days, when it is already being unscrewed. If they notice a violation that the robots missed, they send a notification and ban the advertisement.

When a creative is rejected on auto-moderation because it does not comply with the advertising policy, it is recommended to make adjustments. For example, contact the designer who did the creative, ask to redo the controversial elements.

When the text is rejected, you need to find synonyms, replace stop words with similar expressions, metaphors that people understand. For example, stop words include such as "treatment", "cure", "care", medical terms.

How to extend the lifetime of a Google Ads account

The lifetime of the account is affected by the trust - the level of trust of the algorithms, and high-quality heating. It is desirable that there are as few bans and deviations as possible. Due to the frequent failure of moderation, the trust is greatly reduced.

The information on the creative should correspond to the landing page as much as possible. For example, it is not recommended to advertise weight loss pills in an ad, but to lead to a landing page where they talk about another product. The more relevant the creative and the landing page are to each other, the more targeted users come to the offer.

In the text, one should try to avoid direct violations of the Law "On Advertising", insults to competitors, loud statements without references to evidence and official sources.

Each creative needs to be unique, all metadata needs to be cleaned. This is necessary not only to reduce deviations due to non-uniqueness, but also to attract buyers. When people see the eighth creative of the same remedy for hypertension, they develop "banner blindness".

It is advisable to knit bills on physical media, plastic cards are considered more reliable. All GEO must match: GEO acca, GEO billing, GEO campaigns, GEO proxy.

What to do if Google rejects creatives

If Google rejects creatives, you can apply a scheme based on the fact that algorithms will sooner or later skip the creative, that is, it will undergo auto-moderation in random order. This method may or may not work, but you can always try.

To implement the scheme, you will need:

the Google Ads account that was banned;

a valid Google Ads trust account;

video creative that can't pass moderation;

YouTube channel.

Algorithm of operation:

The video creative that has not passed moderation can be reproduced by making several copies on your hard disk;

Create a campaign on a blocked account;

Upload the prepared creatives (duplicates) to your YouTube channel;

Add 5 videos to each ad group and run the check.

Since the campaign was created on a banned account, the status will always be "under consideration". Meanwhile, some of the videos uploaded from YouTube with creatives may skip auto-moderation.

At the final stage, you need to re-upload creatives to a working account, specify the same one-page page or profile. The videos will be notified - they have passed moderation or rejected.

As a result, it turns out that videos that have already been self-moderated are uploaded to the work account. As a result, the trust is growing, the account will live longer.