What to do to "like" Facebook


The problem with the ban of advertising accounts on Facebook is especially relevant. For any arbitrageur, this is a big loss, since every time you have to start all over again. Let's figure out the reasons for the ban and share life hacks so that the akki live as long as possible.

Why are they being banned?

Today, an account can be banned, even if you follow all the rules of Facebook. Let's highlight the main reasons why they can be banned.

Payment systems:

The card's BIN was blacklisted. In this case, any new account linked to this card can immediately be banned;

The payment method in the advertising cabinet has changed too often;

There is no access to the card's transaction history. This is a common practice when Facebook requests a $1 payment to confirm that it is your card;

The card balance was not replenished in time.

Suspicion of a fake account:

We didn't warm up the account enough and immediately launched an advertising campaign;

Changed your IP address;

Cookies have not been cleaned.

Violation of Facebook policy:

Read the rules of advertising activity before launching an advertising campaign. If you think that you did not violate the rules, but you were banned anyway, file an appeal. Moderators manually process the applications, so there is a chance of unban.

Tips on how to avoid being banned:

1) Warm up the account and the group

Everything is according to the standard: add friends, fill out a profile, subscribe to communities and leave comments. Be an active user for at least 2 weeks.

2) Develop content for advertising campaigns:

There are many areas, at the mention of which you will immediately go to the ban: crypt, gamble, gut, investment and many others. Carefully select the text for advertising messages: Facebook can grab any suspicious word and immediately stop the campaign. Avoid such words as: "finance", "binary options", "bitcoin", "credit" and others.

3) Use payment services that Facebook trusts

A typical story for an arbitrageur: they tied a card to an advertising cabinet, launched an advertisement and after a while Facebook blocks it.

4) Use clean proxies

If you change your IP, Facebook will immediately identify you as a suspicious user. Make sure that you use static and non-overused proxies.

5) Follow Facebook rules

Always file an appeal - you will not lose anything, and there is always a chance to return the account.